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Blue tube of Aqua Guard Pre-Swim Hair Defense on a blue background.

5 reasons why AQUAGUARD Pre-Swim Hair Defense is replacing swim shampoo.

One simple cream to protect your hair against chlorine, salt, and sun damage - preventing discoloration, dryness, tangles & frizz for all hair types.

3,800+ Five-Star Reviews

1. AQUAGUARD Pre-Swim Hair Defense stops the problem at its source.

AQUAGUARD Pre-Swim Hair Defense is your hair's armor (hence the name). AQUAGUARD forms a nourishing barrier while you swim,blocking out chlorine, salt, and UV rays from the environment before they can harm you.

Apply Pre-Swim Hair Defense before spending time in the pool or ocean and, believe it or not, your hair will actually be softer after your time in the water.

A blue tube of Aqua Guard pre-swim hair defense, 5.3 fl. oz.
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2. Developed by a professional swim coach and mother of three.

AQUAGUARD's current line is the brainchild of Michelle Smith, a former D1 athlete, professional aquatic trainer, and busy mom.

After years of ravaged hair, fussy kids, and expensive salon treatments, Michelle decided she needed a solution to all of this.

Her goal was to create a single product that truly addressed the issue of chlorine, salt, and sun damaged hair.

3. Your shampoo isn’t doing enough (and it actually might be making things worse).

Do you know why chlorine wrecks your hair? It's because it penetrates your hair's outer layer and replaces all of your healthy natural oils. This leaves your hair dry, brittle, and dull. And it means that by the time you hit the shower, the damage is already done.

Adding harsh shampoo to the mix is like fighting fire with fire.

AQUAGUARD forms a nourishing, protective layer while you swim, which actively prevents chlorine from leeching into your strands.

Illustration showing molecules interacting with hair folicles.
AquaGuard hair defense product surrounded by natural ingredients: palm oil, almond oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.

4. Healthier hair, naturally. AQUAGUARD is packed with essential nutrients.

Not only does AQUAGUARD protect your hair, it also softens and nourishes while you swim. Our formula includes incredible natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Argon Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

Simply rinse your hair after a swim to enjoy soft, hydrated, healthy locks.

5. Don’t just take our word for it. Read why 3,800+ are rating AQUAGUARD 5 stars.

Until AQUAGUARD, nothing made a difference.

"Fantastic product for frequent swimmers

Summer is here and my kids are in the pool just about every single day! As a result, their hair has felt crunchy and dry! The difference in their hair since we started using this product is amazing."


Woman by a pool applying Aqua Guard hair protectant.


3,800+ Five-Star Reviews

Pre-Swim Hair Defense

5.3oz Squeeze Tube

"This is awesome...

If you spend any time in the water, this is awesome for hair… really smart products, all made in America. They actually make your hair look and smell really good.”

- Tory Johnson, ABC's Good Morning America

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Collage of natural ingredients: coconut oil, almonds, argan nuts, and aloe vera leaves.

Don’t miss out

Start giving your hair the protection it deserves. Stop damage before it starts. Choose AQUAGUARD.

Aqua Guard Pre-Swim Hair Defense tube placed by a swimming pool.

Don’t miss out

Start giving your hair the protection it deserves. Stop damage before it starts. Choose AQUAGUARD.