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Aquaguard is easy!


AquaGuard coats your hair's cuticle layer to:

A) Stop chlorine and other nasties from penetrating your hair follicles. When chlorine gets in, your natural oils come out. That's why it is better to prevent damage than attempt to repair it. AquaGuard stops damage before it starts.

B) Prevent oxidized copper (and other minerals) from bonding to your hair. Bonded minerals weigh down your hair, leaving it flat, dull, and discolored. (Bonded oxidized copper is also what causes blondes to turn green... yuck!) AquaGuard's protective layer does not allow these minerals to get ahold of your hair like they would without it!

Using AquaGuard is easy!

Generously work AquaGuard into your hair from base to tip immediately before swimming.

For best results allow AquaGuard a few minutes to settle before diving in.

Excess AquaGuard will wash away in the water, leaving only a thin protective barrier on each strand of hair.

AquaGuard is for everyone!

We developed AquaGuard to protect all hair types of all ages from the full spectrum of swimming-related hair damage.

AquaGuard works great for dense curls, bleach blonds, color treated hair, and everything in between!

AquaGuard works great in all bodies of water: pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans!

Our formula is easy on pool filters and 100% reef safe, so you can feel good knowing that while you protect your hair with AquaGuard, you are also keeping harmful chemicals out of our oceans.

So many moms rave about AquaGuard! (Just check out our reviews...)

Coat your kiddo's hair with AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense before they swim to make tearful, tangled comb-outs a thing of the past.

We even have an extra gentle pre-swim formula made specially for delicate hair: AquaGuard For Kids